Nurse faints 17 minutes after getting COVID-19 vaccine

Nurse faints 17 minutes after getting COVID-19 vaccine

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A Nurse fainted during a press conference on Thursday, after taking a COVID-19 vaccine at a Tennessee hospital.

The nurse manager, named Tiffany Dover, spoke to media about the first vaccinations that the city will give to front-line health workers, collapsing shortly after to the ground when she did not feel good.

Source: CC/ WTVC-9


She collapsed after starting to feel dizzy, further apologising to the media after her speech was interrupted.

It was reported that she collapsed 17 minutes after taking the Pfizer vaccine that fights against COVID-19. Doctors caught her before she was about to fall into the ground.

The nurse said to WTVC that ‘it just hit her all of a sudden’ — “I could feel it coming on. I felt a little disoriented but I feel fine now,” she added.

Source: CC/ WTVC

There was also pains in her arm previously, which is believed to be the cause of fainting according to the CDC. Fainting isn’t an uncommon reaction to taking a vaccination and mostly happens due to anxiety or pain.


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