NZ Defence Force personnel receive COVID-19 Vaccination, pending second doses

NZ Defence Force personnel receive COVID-19 Vaccination, pending second doses

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On February 21, a small number of New Zealand Defence Force personnel received the COMIRNATY Vaccine (Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccines).

The vaccination means they will be further protected from the virus, while the biggest rollout of vaccinations in one campaign occurs for the first time in New Zealand’s history.

Second doses will be given to them on March 14, a full 21 days later from the original jab. According to the consumer document, whoever takes the vaccine will not be protected against COVID-19 until at-least seven days after their second dose.


Source: CC/ Ministry of Health

The vaccine rollout ensures all border workers, Defence Force personnel and other Managed Isolation and Quarantine staff are vaccinated to protect them against COVID-19.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced on Wednesday evening that over 9,000 staff were already vaccinated; that is over half of all border workers who had received their first doses.

Source: CC/ Ministry of Health

On February 20, vaccinators were the first to receive the Vaccine.

25 Auckland-based vaccinators were part of a trial run, it kicked off the vaccination programme in New Zealand.

They will receive their second doses on March 13.

Image: SUPPLIED/Ministry of Health

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