NZ fuel supply workers to walk off jobs before Christmas

NZ fuel supply workers to walk off jobs before Christmas

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15 important employees at North Tugs Ltd have all voted to take industrial action from 9 December — 23 December.

The tug pilot boating crews and lines workers who are working at Northport in Whangarei and the Marsden Point refinery are all set to walk off the jobs.

Rail and Maritime Transport Union organiser Rudd Hughes says the workers have ‘negotiated’ and lawful roster.

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From the current roster, it leaves them on the call with a one hour notice, which leaves them being unable to plan their lives.

“Management is trying to claw back terms and conditions including health care provisions, sick leave, and a week of annual leave,” Rudd Hughes says.

The workers are not asking for any pay increases but seeking job security and decent working conditions,

“North Tugz already pays below average compared to other employers in the industry, with some employees having no pay increase since July 2018,” Rudd Hughes says.

“The workers are keen to come to an agreement before the issue impacts on oil supplies for the country over the Christmas period.”

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