NZ Maori Council corrects the record over Billy Te Kahika’s misinformation – video

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Online conspiracy influencer Billy Te Kahika makes claims In a now-deleted live stream that Bryce Smith is working with Ex. NZPP (New Zealand Public Party) Director Michael Stace to discredit work of high ranking officials inside the New Zealand Maori Council; regarding a Kaeo Office video statement.

thisquality contacted Matthew Tukaki from the New Zealand Maori Council for a comment regarding the situation with Mr Kahika.

“Just so you know e hoa – I have nothing to do with this man and have spent the last year making it clear he is full of conspiracy hoha,” said Mr Tukaki.

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“I have made it very clear that I am not going to blood with his ho ha, his conspiracy theory politics and praying on the most vulnerable in our community. It comes down to the fact that I made the point [during the 2020 election campaigning] that I am not a candidate for public office, you are. My role at the Maori Council is to hold people like him to account.”

“Mr Kahika has delusions. He has questions to answer about his financial dealings. There are donations that have been made and, quite frantically one of us has been elected and one us is not. I am elected into the New Zealand Maori Council at every level and I do not know who this man thinks he is but he is a whack job.”

Mr Tukaki confirmed to thisquality that Bryce Smith, who shed light, is not a member of the New Zealand Maori Council nor is Mr Stace.

“I have got no idea who he is. Mr Bryce Smith specifically holds no position within the New Zealand Maori Council. He certainly is not a member practically speaking on behalf of the New Zealand Maori Council and according to my records he is not a member of the New Zealand Maori Council,” said Mr Tukaki.

Mr Stace said it is a complete ‘lie’ that himself and Bryce Smith are working together, in an inquiry from thisquality.


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