NZ Police give a recovery update on Police dog that was shot

NZ Police give a recovery update on Police dog that was shot

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New Zealand Police gave an update to media on Thursday afternoon at around 4:20 pm, giving an update on the recovery of a police dog that was shot by a thug on December 1 near Tangowahine.

The man, who shot the police dog was shot at by police officers. The man was airlifted to Auckland City Hospital, and he remains in a stable condition.

For the police dog, acknowledgements were made to Dargaville’s vet clinic with support from Kamo vets who provided lifesaving treatments to the police dog when it was shot.

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Inspector Todd Southall says the dog was then airlifted to Veterinary Specialists Auckland where Dr Alistair Coomer provided ongoing treatments and assessments with a team of people.

“The dog is making good progress but requires several surgeries over the coming weeks as a result of the injuries sustained,” said Todd Southall.

“There will be a long road to recovery, and it is still too early to say whether the dog will return to operational duties, however, Police remain optimistic.”

The ongoing investigations into the shooting means Police will not be naming the police dog or giving further comments on speculation around staff identities as it is standard procedure for any officers in the New Zealand Police force who are involved in these sort of critical incidents.

Image: NZ Police

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