NZ Students invited to ‘reinvent’ Cities in a Global Campaign

NZ Students invited to ‘reinvent’ Cities in a Global Campaign

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Students were invited to ‘reinvent’ cities after Auckland joined 17 global cities to launch a new competition for students and universities around the world.

The campaign led by C40 Cities allows the students to share their visions for greener and fairer cities around the world.

C40 Cities is a global network of cities that work together, committing on taking action on climate change to ignite more creative ideas and to decarbonise neighbourhoods, supporting living and a thriving city that gives a resilient life for local communities.


Multi-disciplinary teams formed by students in urbanism, architecture, and environments as well as in business, real estate and engineering from local universities including the University of Auckland.

Students will be able to help develop and share new innovative ideas and solutions to the biggest problems that societies living in any city faces.

The Mayor of Auckland, Phil Goff said: “I am pleased to launch Students Reinventing Cities with 17 other Mayors around the world.”

“Students represent the next generation of scholars, academics and scientists and will have a key role to play in the future of cities and climate change mitigation and adaption.”

“Northcote Town Centre has been identified as the focus neighbourhood for the Students Reinventing Cities competition and academics and students are now invited to share their creative vision and fresh ideas in line with the city’s climate priorities and the Northcote Town Centre Benchmark Master Plan.”

Mr Goff says the ‘Master Plan’ allows a new opportunity for added thinking and compelling ideas which will feed the final plans for the town centre regeneration.

By working collectively, to redevelop cities and neighbourhoods it is going to improve the health and wellbeing of who lives in them.

“This competition provides students with an exciting opportunity to share ideas and potentially influence the future of our city,” Phil Goff said.

C40’s Executive Director describes how COVID-19 has impacted the way of life as we all know it: “In the process it has exacerbated existing inequalities and hit vulnerable communities the hardest, urging us to prioritise a green and just recovery from the pandemic and accelerate equitable solutions to the climate crisis.”

“This competition is an opportunity for students to have a voice, to share their ideas and passion for making change, and contribute to these solutions.”

The winning projects made by the students will be celebrated in a global communication campaign. The students will be invited to present their projects to local business leaders, city officials and global climate orgs.

Image: SUPPLIED/Pexels


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