Open Letter: Addressing 1080 Propaganda Campaigns and plea to Government

Open Letter: Addressing 1080 Propaganda Campaigns and plea to Government

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Read an open letter directed at Government agencies, news organisations, and Ministers; written by Accountability Investigator Mike ILES.

This publication may contain amended wording to fit it into a readable format, however, you can read the original unmodified document in .pdf format by clicking here.

Michael A. ILES. (Address withheld),


Phone; 021 483300

To the following recipients:

To; Sam Hudson, C.E.O. of thisquality, NEWS
To; Alex Braae. Editor of The Bulletin, NEWS
To; J. James, Editor of
To; The EDITOR. NZ HERALD, Newspaper
To; The C.E.O. Radio N.Z., NEWS
To; Her Majesty the QUEEN
To; The Governor-General of New Zealand
To; The Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern
To; The Minister of Justice, NZ
To; The Minister of Conservation, N.Z
To; The Minister of Health, NZ
To; The District Chief Medical Officer of Health, for the Greater Wellington Area.

And to other undisclosed-recipients;
They are dated as of the 4th day of January 2021.

I am unravelling the corruption behind Sodium Monofluoroacetate (1080 POISON).

Dear sir/madam,
My name is Mike ILES. I am a Christian and a believer and follower of Christ. Therefore, I despise lies and corruption, and for the past 3 years I have also been engaged as an avid ANTI-1080 POISON campaigner.

I have decided to write this “Open Letter” to all of those whom I feel have a role to play in exposing the horrific and deadly destructive “aerial distribution” of tons of 1080 POISON, on and all over New Zealand, yearly.

I feel it is my duty to expose this very deadly substance for what it is and what it does to our beautiful country, and every living entity including the humans, insects, animals, fish and birds, that inhabit these lands, islands and waters. There are cheaper alternatives.

This letter is my attempt to expose the perpetrators and administrators of this horrific deadly act and anyone who wants to play a part in STOPPING this very poisonous and harmful practice.

My open letter is based on information gained from internet sites, news reports, reading books and networking with other like-minded people, and summarising my own three years of fact-finding and logically collated findings, of the outcomes of this deadly practice.

This letter is not referenced to any of the books, reports, websites or discussions that it is based on or written because of, and it is my opinion of what; I understand as facts and logic. Yes, and some point’s may be open to being factually debated and challenged.

I wish to invite any of the recipients of this “Open Letter” or anyone who reads it, to engage in the conversation and debate publicly so that we all understand what I believe and will openly describe them as “Lies, Deception and Corruption”, to justify, that this horrible deadly practice be permitted to continue. It needs to be stopped.


If we cannot trust our Politician’s or the Medical System or the Justice System, to do the right thing. Then how do we, as residents (the general public), of this polluted land, survive?

I am writing this document because of my personal concerns regarding what I perceive as: “paid indoctrination” – into “believing and promoting these lies” which have come about by a “falsified” report of a scientific study into the effects of 1080 POISON. It was allegedly paid for and produced at the instruction of DOC (Department of Conservation) over two decades ago in the mid to late 1990s. I believe that this is; “THE BIGGEST EVER POLITICAL CON IN THE HISTORY OF NEW ZEALAND”.

I believe that DOC (Department of Conservation) has nothing to do with “conservation”. Instead, DOC (Department of Conservation), has been set up, along with several other companies and incorporated societies. They have been run by consecutive political parties and politicians in New Zealand, as a vast “money-making bureaucracy”. It breaks all the country’s ethical laws and offends the people that those governments are put in place to serve.

In the 1990s, DOC (Department of Conservation), “Paid” two scientists’ by the name of S. C. Ogilvie and C. T. Eason et al; to falsely write a report and claim that; “1080 POISON, “Sodium Monofluoroacetate “, (1080), was biodegradable and broke down in New Zealand waterways, rivers or watersheds”.

That statement is a deliberate “LIE”, and is not what the tests results, and almost every study produced since then has shown.

However; a Half-LIE because the 1990s test results did show that Sodium Monofluoroacetate; (which is the correct chemical name for man-made or manufactured 1080 Poison), “did NOT”, as they then claimed, “dissolve or break down in water “below” a temperature of 21 degrees”.

21 degrees is far hotter than the water in most natural streams, rivers or lakes in New Zealand. However, the two trios’ did admit that 1080 did “change form” into another compound when it is consumed or ingested by microorganisms or any living creature. Sodium Monofluoroacetate, changes in equal amounts, into an equally Deadly Toxic substance, called FLOUROCITRATE.

These “Lies” have been “indoctrinated” and openly promoted by DOC (Department of Conservation) into every person that is involved in the “chain of approval and distribution” of this deadly POISONOUS substance, 1080 or Sodium Monofluoroacetate.


The Lies also seems to be indoctrinated into every “POLITICIAN” who steps through the New Zealand Parliament doors. Because, NO politician opposes, or will speak out against the continued distribution of DEADLY 1080 POISON; all over and throughout the land of the New Zealand public forests.

The fraud took place in or around 1996 when the “Original scientific study and written report” stated; that the above statement about degradation and break-down is NOT the truth, therefore in order to continue their use of the deadly 1080 product, “DOC (Department of Conservation)” needed a different version of what is a “proven scientific truth and fact”.

See the link;” 1080 Poison its Chemistry”; this very reputable 2007 report is a genuine and truthful written submission and report of a study that was carried out for the New Zealand Government department named “ERMA” during the year of 2007, but it was never adopted or accepted.

The factual outcomes of the original 1996 study and tests were secreted away (or suppressed) and NOT published in New Zealand. The study could not be found anywhere in New Zealand (until recently); and then back then, a subsequent false version was paid for and produced for DOC (Department of Conservation) by the scientists involved. It has since been continuously promoted and used by DOC (Department of Conservation), right up until this current date of my “Open Letter” publication.

This falsified version has been distributed far and wide throughout New Zealand by DOC (Department of Conservation) in order to deceive everyone and promote the continued DEADLY practice of aerial spreading 1080 POISON.

The findings of the “falsified version” are what “DOC (Department of Conservation)” has continued to use to indoctrinate everyone involved, including; Mainstream Media, some medical professionals, and parts of the general public.

The aerial 1080 POISONING practice which began around the year 1954 was spread by aeroplanes back then, and has continued since then by Helicopter. It could have also been collaborated by the then Prime Minister. During the mid-1990s, the prime minister was alerted to the “dangers”, of this deadly poisoning practice by a report from a group of people who lived in and around Featherston, in the Southern Wairarapa of New Zealand, at that time. It was reported that this group noticed an unusual spike in rates of “still-born babies” in the area, following an “aerial 1080 drop” in the Rimuaka Ranges, close to the township. It is a fact that tests on rats also showed excessive numbers of still-born rats with non-fatal doses of 1080 Poison.

That Prime Minister chose not to deal with the problem and instead had referred the complainants’ to the two trio’ Scientists (named above), who were paid to produce the “falsified reports” of the results of their tests, for the New Zealand Government department; “the Department Of Conservation”.

Most of the information above can be found on the internet and has been collected over three formative years of internet research circulating reports from various news platforms, including Social Media and reading websites and books.

A copy of the original, accurate 1996 scientific studies, “written results papers”, has since been discovered overseas. Several people living in New Zealand now have a copy of that document. Including, the Greater Wellington Area’s, “District Chief Medical Officer of Health”.

There have also been several human deaths in New Zealand that have, (or may not have) been linked to 1080 POISON. One, in particular, stands out. The following link is to that event;

There have also been “two double fatalities” in the Tararua Ranges, following 1080 POISON drops; these four deaths have been called “suspicious” – they were never “scientifically tested” to rule out a 1080 POISON link.

There is, also the cluster of 3 untested Taranaki fatalities, the Featherston events (untested), and a Hamilton family who became very ill after eating contaminated, wild pork. Suspected to be 1080 poisoning. (This was, never tested). See the following link;

How many more people have to die before any authority begins, or is allowed to look at 1080 Poison?

The Hamilton family has since relocated to India. This could be so that the New Zealand public cannot witness the continued devastating effects of 1080 poison.

Be aware that Facebook actively deletes or removes or censors engagement toward “factual posts” from their internet platform. However, they can still be found elsewhere on the internet, in news reports or books.

Anyone interested in the cover-up of “human 1080 poisoning” should watch and listen to, and read the three very interesting internet links provided above, (if they are still available).

My personal involvement in the attempt to stop the spread of this DEADLY TOXIC substance, all over New Zealand public forest areas began three years ago. I read a report on the internet and decided to follow the topic more for myself. Since then, I have been involved in two ANTI-1080 marches to parliament.

To my surprise, on both of those occasions, not one politician bothered to come out of the parliament building to address the protesters and media that had fortunately gathered in hopes for a plea of change or assertation.

This fact, adds to mine, and many others believe that there is a lot more “Corruption” involved in the process of manufacture, sale and distribution, of this deadly poisonous product within New Zealand and our political circles. This topic implicates and has involved the three major political parties in New Zealand politics, Labour, National and the GREENS, since the early 1950s. All of whom have been reluctant to debate or answer questions on the 1080 POISON subject. I believe that it is because they would have to implicate their political colleagues in the ecocide and deaths resulting, as the internet links written above describe and allude to relations of what has happened in our Conservation estate for far too long.

As part of my attempts in trying to “Halt” this DEADLY “Ecocide” (As described by the late Mike Meads, another who did 1080 studies); and possibly, “Genocidal practice”. I have been heavily involved in a local capacity of ANTI-1080 meetings whilst educating the public. This has included meeting with several influential administrators as well as local Iwi groups.

As part of my gathering over the last three years, I have managed to make contact and then meet and become good friends with the person who discovered the “truthful version” of the “DOC (Department of Conservation), 1996 test(s) results and written report” – this person has approached the “exposure process” in a slightly different manner to the approach that I have chosen. In 2020 he unsuccessfully approached the Justice System. Hence, it is my decision to take a “public information” approach to undo the corruption, “induction and indoctrination” that has already taken place, and which I believe is being paid for by DOC (Department of Conservation) taxpayer money.

To put it another way; the New Zealand public are paying for the LIES, DECEPTION and CORRUPTION, which has succeeded in influencing most “Public Servant’s” and a huge portion of the New Zealand public, regarding the effects of using 1080 POISON across the land and drinking water catchments of New Zealand.

I believe that we are slowly POISONING ourselves by allowing this to continue. By exposing the LIES and DECEIT, I hope that the outcome will turn out more influential and beneficial for the entire country by halting this HORRIFIC, DEADLY POISONING practice.

How many New Zealand citizens have friends or relatives, that they know of that have either, passed away or are now suffering from any form of DEADLY CANCER? The answer will astound you and give you an idea of the “genocidal effects” that these POISONS can have on humans, because it is in most of our drinking water.

Furthermore; in past-New Zealand, it has endured and banned; DDT, 245T, thalidomide and asbestos. I would like to see “1080 POISON” added to that list of “DEADLY carcinogenic substances” that have been totally banned in this country, and given the proper and correct exposure, this can and will happen because there are alternatives. Ref; (Country Calendar. TV One. 7:00pm 20″ Dec; 2020.)

My colleague found the “TRUE version of the 1996 study results” overseas, did so in his quest to seek “Justice” for the three people who had passed away in an expeditious period of time. His three neighbours had passed away due to a very “unusual, fatal cancer” – he claims and has evidence of, traced back to, quantities of DEADLY 1080 POISON, accidentally and unknowingly being ingested. After it got into the water supply for the homes that these people used to inhabit, following recent 1080 aerial drops on Mount Taranaki, then being washed downstream by melting snow and rainfall and into the drinking water catchments supplied the homes in that area.

My colleague accidentally stumbled upon the “truthful”, 1996 DOC (Department of Conservation) study reports; (that we both knew existed) while networking overseas websites for information regarding the dangers of using 1080 POISON. Those, accurate 1996 DOC (Department of Conservation) reports were subsequently falsified and re-written, then, later used by DOC (Department of Conservation) to convince and indoctrinate all in sundry, (including the medical profession), that; “what they are involved in, during the approval process is safe and legitimate”.

The LIE is still being unwittingly promoted on Social Media websites to this day.

New Zealanders that now know different is steadily increasing, due to education from the ANTI-1080 movement evolving and growing.

Both, my colleague and myself have tried to alter the course of history, with two totally different approaches. However, we seem to have hit a “brick wall” when it comes to speaking with these indoctrinated “public servants” – all of who refuse to be swayed even when given uncomplicated “factual proof” and facts that even a young one understands and agrees with without exactly explaining it to them first.

One question could be; Is there a bigger picture, or are large amounts of “money” involved, behind this practice, that is hidden away from public view and scrutiny, the same way as the 1996 DOC (Department of Conservation) reports were?

I now have a volume of unanswered questions, that should be presented to, and answered by, the principal players in this CORRUPT and DEADLY practice, and the two plus decades of Lies and DECEPTION of ALL New Zealanders;

Q1. Is it true that; a small landmass like New Zealand, annually uses 85% of the total “globally manufactured, 1080 POISON” or Sodium Monofluoroacetate that is produced worldwide?

Q2. Is it true that; DOC New Zealand, once used N2 taxpayer money, to import all of the 1080 POISON used here, from the USA. But now produces and manufactures 1080 POISON, here in New Zealand?

Q3. Is it true that; New Zealand now has 2 X “1080 Poison bait manufacturing factories”, one in Wanganui and one in Canterbury?

 Q4. Is it true that; several New Zealand POLITICIANS get an income from owning shares in, and approving and allowing the 1080 industry to continue in New Zealand* If so, how, why and how much?

Q5. Is it true that; most European and British Governments have totally BANNED the use of 1080 POISON, in their countries?

Q6. Why have the most logical governments, totally banned the use of deadly 1080 POISON as a form of pest control in their countries?

Q7. Is it true that; a New Zealand Government department, namely DOC, Control and administer the contamination of “New Zealand lands and drinking water catchment” with DEADLY 1080 POISON?

Q8. Is it true that; a worker at the Canterbury 1080 POISON Bait Manufacturing factory, recently DIED due to poisoning by “1080 dust” inhalation?

Q9. Is it true that; small, non-fatal quantities of 1080 POISON are CARCINOGENIC, (Cause CANCER), and do NOT break down in COLD water?

Q10. Why is it that; our Government allows a DEADLY CARCINOGENIC substance like 1080 POISON to be spread throughout New Zealand forests, knowing that these forests catchments are the significant source of ALL of New Zealand’s DRINKING WATER?

Q11. Who are the OWNERS and shareholders of the 1080 Factories in New Zealand?

Q12. One has to check the Health Department’s statistics on the steadily increasing amount of deadly Cancer in New Zealand since 1954. Wouldn’t our taxpayer funding be better-spent researching, “Cancer causes and prevention”?

Q13. Most importantly, is it true that; in 1993, the New Zealand parliament and Government at that time, set up legislation called the “1993 Biodiversity Act” and the “Animal Health Board”?

Q14. Is it true that; at the same time in 1993 the “Animal Health Board” was turned into an “Incorporated Society”, responsible to the “Minister of Agriculture”, (who is possibly a 1080 “Shareholder”), so that; it be exempt from the provisions of the “Ombudsman’s Act” and the “Official Information Act”? WHY?

Q15. If, consecutive politicians have, lied and covered up the fraud to this day. How can we trust them to give honest answers to this set of questions?

Once the answers to that list of 15 questions; is established, there becomes a list of ethical and legal questions, that should be asked, answered and determined;

Q1. If a person, or group of people or company, are employed to do experiments and tests, and then write a report for the NZ government, on the results or the outcome of those tests.

Who is liable for the correct facts and truth” being written, presented and used?

Q2. If internet reports, books and newspaper reports are correct. Then could coercion and bribery, have resulted in a false or untrue version of test results being written and presented and later used by DOC, during the 1990’s, 1080 POISON approval process, and if true. Who is at fault and to blame, (LIABLE) for the fraud, deception and subsequent deaths?

Q3. Is there an Authority in New Zealand that deals with, and investigates this type of “Fraud and Deception”, and if so who? Or have they also ALL been totally indoctrinated? Which would mean a “conflict of interest”? How many New Zealanders have to die from poisoning or Cancer before this stop’s?

Q4. If it is established and found that; false test results and reports are produced and used, regarding a serious issue or substance like 1080; and those findings, prove that those manufactured products later results in the death of humans, (whether the human, be it unborn, or an adult). If proven is this not considered to be “MANSLAUGHTER” under NZ Law? If so who investigates that liability?

Q5. If a person or group of people uses a substance (1080 POISON) to obtain an outcome (“kill rats”) – if the substance is not fully absorbed and eventually is changed to a “secondary” deadly chemical compound. Is the person or people who administered the original POISON, just as liable, in a case of “human sickness or fatality”, if they know that the actual POISON has that ability to change forms into another Deadly Poisonous substance?

Furthermore; we know, and it has been proven that; two toxic compounds that evolve from or are a part of 1080 baits, which is manufactured and subsequently used in New Zealand since around 1954, are carcinogenic cause CANCER.

Q1. Have studies been done and/or studies on; the alarming increase and causes of cancers since the commencement of this aerial spreading of 1080 POISON, a practice which begun around 1954? If so, where are those test results?

Q2. Is it right as the test results suggest that; the Carcinogenic element of these toxic substances attack and affect the kidneys, reproductive organs and brain when “non-lethal” doses are consumed or ingested?

Q3. Is it right; that tests on animals showed that they also produced dead or deformed and or retarded offspring, in some instances, depending on the non-fatal dosage consumed or ingested?

Q4. Because of the answer to Q2. and Q3. Is “YES”. (According to written test reports). Can the same effects of the non-lethal doses of 1080 ingested “accidentally or unknowingly”, by humans; be expected to cause similar deadly CANCERS, DEFORMITIES and Mental abnormalities in those people?

Q5; Is it right; that no laboratory in New Zealand is permitted by the Government to do a test for 1080 POISONING? If so, given that DOC uses tons of this product every year on and around our drinking water catchments, the question has to be, “WHY”?

Image: SUPPLIED/Lefur Dan (Image taken on November 23, 2016, at Rangataua Conservation Area)

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Great research and work Michael. Let’s trust you get some sensible replies from the people you have sent it too. If not you like myself have more evidence that corruption is deeply embedded within parliament, government and some others in New Zealand’s poison industry.

Thank you so much Jim, your comments are 100% correct, lets share this and educate our public and citizens.