Open Letter sent to Government following COVID-19 Vaccines

Open Letter sent to Government following COVID-19 Vaccines

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An open letter was sent to the Government titled ‘Where You Live Should Not Determine Whether You Live’ from the Council for International Development.

“This is the only way we’ll get on top of COVID – it’s also the right thing to do. It was true for HIV Aids drugs when U2’s Bono said ‘where you live should not determine whether you live or die’, and it’s true of COVID,” says Council for International Development’s Director Josie Pagani.

They claim that a global pandemic cannot be solved without a worldwide solution, allowing the poorest countries to gain access to the COVID-19 vaccine simultaneously as any other affluent country would get them.


Roughly 50 New Zealand aid charities and organisations have asked the Government to relax intellectual property rules temporarily.

“If we do nothing, it will take until 2024 for low-income countries to be able to fully vaccinate their populations. As many as 67 poorer countries who do not have deals with pharmaceutical companies, could be left behind,” said Josie.

“A temporary waiver of patent rules for COVID vaccines is our best chance of tackling COVID globally. Only then can we hope to stem the reversal of 30 years of poverty reduction as a result of the COVID crisis.”


However, the Government in recent times is focusing on health and safety over distributing it around the country following deaths in Norway, thisquality reports.

“We are closely monitoring this situation as well as the results of the vaccine rollout out in other countries, including reported reactions and the overall safety profile of the vaccine. This includes the frequency of some reactions, the severity, and any previously unknown reactions. This monitoring will add to the clinical data we expect to receive from Pfizer,” said the Ministry of Health to thisquality.

“In New Zealand vaccine safety and efficacy is the priority. No vaccine will be made available for public use in New Zealand until it has completed Medsafe’s assessment process and been approved as safe for use here.”


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