Operation Gulfport: Police seize drugs and arrest 71-year-old man

Operation Gulfport: Police seize drugs and arrest 71-year-old man

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Customs and Police worked together to make a ‘dent’ in the GBL market with another arrest and seize of drugs in Wellington’s region on Friday, November 13.

Police from Hutt Valley and Waikato along with NZ Customs issued the search warrant at an address based in Normandale, Lower Hutt.

Police found approx 300g of methamphetamine and around 13.5 litres of a Class B drug GBL.

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A 71-year-old local man was charged with importing methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine for supply, and possession of GBL for supply. The man appeared in Hutt Valley District Court today.

Operation Skipjack; following the termination on Friday, in Wellington City where 400 litres of GBL was seized — where two Wellington men appeared in court.

Detective Senior Sergeant Nick Pritchard says: “Police remain committed to ensuring that those who deal in illicit substances are brought to account before the courts.”

“The drugs they peddle cause immeasurable harm to members of our community, and it is with great satisfaction; this operation has removed this potential harm from circulation.”

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