OPINION: The lack of Masks in New Zealand is the biggest problem

OPINION: The lack of Masks in New Zealand is the biggest problem

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New Zealand Made Masks: “WE CAN DO THIS!” petition

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In the late 1960s up until the 1980s and ’90s, New Zealand had a thriving textile and clothing industry, which produced everything from underwear to socks, hosiery, swimwear, to dresses, shirts, ties and suits; even shoes.

At present, most, if not all of those items are made overseas, mostly from cheap poly-fabrics, 

and then imported into New Zealand. 

The cost of buying the cheaper was less robust clothing and fabric items, has not lessened in comparison.

It has probably increased, due to the life span of these inferior, imported poly-products, that have replaced the locally produced textiles and natural fabric, which were used before the 1980s and ’90s.

In 1967, when I first become involved in the clothing industry, there were hundreds if not thousands of factories throughout New Zealand which employed thousands of New Zealanders. 

This ranged from the farmers and growers to the clothing makers, right along to the “retail outlets,” that promoted, sold and at times, specialized New Zealand made products.

Lets get New Zealanders employed again, we have the natural products, we have the skills, we have the people.

Let us as a country, lead the world in a top-quality product, that will be needed and used all over the planet from now, and along into the foreseeable future.

If we can produce an excess of a quality product, that meets or surpasses overseas standards, we could then export, once our local market demands had been fulfilled.


NZ Outdoors Party Otaki Electoate

 started a petition to help New Zealand become more independent in regards to targeting the Grassroots Kiwi, to Kickstart localism. The petition states below.

“For the sacrifices we’ve made, let’s not sacrifice our local response to saving New Zealand. NZ Has to step up and make their masks. We’re calling for the New Zealand Government to tender for New Zealand companies to make Masks locally permanently.”

“To get out of the country-wide lockdown, we need to rely on the supply of urgent government-certified masks that are locally made to drop down the many alert levels. This could be the game-changer: Gov tenders for a contract now would make a difference.”

Some solutions also could work to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading during the lockdown and for the future as a whole.

Local manufacturing:

companies in Levin; have a huge manufacturing industry in Horowhenua & Kapiti. We have facilities and trained people to change their factories into permanent Mask making facilities for local Pharmacies, Medical Centers and our Supermarket staff. This solution will create a change introducing many new jobs for the industry of PPE.


It’s right around the corner; cold weather will increase the health risk to many. Affordable access to Masks could stop raising the alert levels going back up.

Authorized by; Michael A. ILES,

for the

NZ Outdoors Party – OTAKI Electorate.


A concept proposed by: 

“the NZ OUTDOORS PARTY – OTAKI ELECTORATE,” members, in conjunction with 

SAMMIEPLAYS LLC,” Independent media platform. 

On the 10th of April, 2020.

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