Orcas spotted near Eastbourne Wharf, Lower Hutt

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Two pods of Orca whales were spotted near the Eastbourne wharf in Lower Hutt by many throughout the day on Tuesday. The sensation of spotting the orca pods lead to multiple social media posts circulating the trend of seeing the visitors up close.

Two adults were in the first pod and, two adults and two babies in the second pod were roaming near the Eastbourne wharf.

“One of them was an Orca that’s known as Pickle, it’s got half a dorsal fin, it’s quite distinctive. It was just this morning that they seem to be so excited. They don’t tend to stick around for too long. The pods come into wellington harbor three to four times a year usually looking for stingrays and food,” said a Department of Conservation spokeswoman.


Source: Haley Pllu

Haley Pllu posted to the Whale and dolphin watch – Wellington group on Facebook with huge excitement in an excerpt ‘Very blessed seeing these Orcas with babies just off the shore in Eastbourne!!!!’

“They knew we were watching and definitely looked at us!,” said Haley Pllu after filming the Orcas.

Source: Arpita Dutta

Arpita Dutta got to see a close up of the Orcas at the Rona Bay Wharf (also known as Eastbourne wharf)

“I originally saw 2 of them at an earlier bay. Then raced to Rona Bay to get a better view. However, there were only 2 visible. Another pod of 2 followed soon after. I spent about 30mins chasing them. I’ve seen them plenty of times before. At the same spots in Eastbourne and then also from Oriental Parade. It’s always a treat to see orcas (and dolphins) so close to the shore! It certainly gets the heart pumping and makes you realise how privileged we are to live in the Wellington region,” said Arpita Dutta.

The pods moved away from the coast off towards the Mokopuna and Somes Islands around the late evening.

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