Otago Museum: Dinosaur REvolution opens up early!

Otago Museum: Dinosaur REvolution opens up early!

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You heard it first, Otago Museum’s biggest exhibition of 2020 is opening on Saturday, September 26th — a week early!

Shanaya Allan, Otago Museum’s Exhibition and Creative Services Officer who is managing the project says the reason for the unusual early opening is due to the impact of COVID-19.

“Usually we would have a team from Gondwana Studios in Australia fly over and lead the installation so we would know exact dates. This time, with border closures, things are a little different and we had to plan for the worst-case scenario.”


The Museum’s Production and Projects Officer Garry Gibson spent the past week in Waikato, taking down the exhibition in order to guide the exhibitions team in Otago. 

“There is huge animatronics, but the really tough thing was putting the skeletons together,” he said.

The hardest part for the team was getting the exhibit ready to open to the public as soon as possible. 

 “COVID-19 has really impacted the whole planning for this”, said Shanaya Allan, “We weren’t sure if we would be able to get it shipped down, or when it would arrive. We are stoked we got it here in good time so that we could start working on getting it up.”

A team called The Gondwana Studios based in Australia helped the Museum team by email and also during Zoom calls to help with any issues if they were to arise.

Kate Oktay, who is Otago Museum’s Marketing Manager says that there was a great team of people that helped work on putting the skeletons together.

“Our Collections staff were really busy helping out with all the articulation this week, without them, it would have been much more difficult. We are just thrilled to be able to open early for the school holidays; children are just going to love this!” she said.

The greatest and biggest exhibition of 2020 at Otago Museum will be open from 10:00 am this Saturday with Single Entry tickets at a cost of only $10! — Unlimited Entry, for four months worth of dinosaur fun will cost $25, a great deal!

Image source: Otago Museum

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