Ōtaki Beach Pavilion Toilets to get upgrades

Ōtaki Beach Pavilion Toilets to get upgrades

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The famous pavilion toilets at Ōtaki Beach will be getting upgrades over concerns of accidents happening.

According to Kāpiti Coast District Council, guardrail fencing at the rooftop is not high enough, as per new regulation of building codes.

Extention as part of the Council’s Long Term Plan (LTP) was proposed due to people suspectfully climbing and standing on or over the guardrails, which over time can cause potential damages to the building structure.



Access had been closed with a padlocked gate recently to prevent people from using stairs to go on top.

This initiative is part of a fund allocated for community facilities in Ōtaki that will focus on reshaping and improving the quality of what is needed most.

“Ōtaki is growing, and good quality local facilities are important for the community. This means we need to reshape our current community facilities in Ōtaki,” reads a LTP statement.

“We want to start exploring options in the first three years of this plan, though any major work is likely to be done later in the term of the plan. Work agreed would start in year four.”

A total budget of $9.9m has been set aside over a three-year term starting from 2024/25.


Meanwhile, a total of $1m was budgeted to do full upgrades of the pavilion toilets for the first year. Around $500,000 already had been rationed for earthquake strengthening. The remaining $500,000 will be used for final developments.

Around $570,000 during year five will be put towards an expansion of the beach park.


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