Otaki Kite Festival Is a Popular Attraction for Many

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The annual Otaki Kite Festival was held, bringing many people from all districts to a small town on the Kapiti Coast called Otaki. Thousands of people attend the Kite Festival with their families & friends for a day or two outside at local Otaki Beach.

Credit, Source: /Sam Hudson

Otaki’s yearly Kite Festival, on the Kapiti Coast, runs for two days; the event took from February 8th – 9th of 2020.

Many stalls & small companies host foot carts/pop-ups… roughly 30 vendors selling a broad range of food, drinks, merchandise, art & craft, kids’ stalls, and activities, and information stands for all of the visitors to have lunch or a drink, etc after a long drive from Wellington & afar to see Kites fly high in the sky at this well-promoted event based at Otaki Beach.

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The Kite Festival has been running for many years, to be exact, 2020 is the 8th time running!

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