Ōtaki Yard holds first winter night market with Light The Night Kapiti

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Ōtaki Yard operated their first-ever night market during winter in collaboration with Light The Night Kapiti, an illuminated heritage train travelling from Paraparaumu to Ōtaki and allowing guests to spend an hour and a half enjoying the hospitality of local businesses and, back to Paraparaumu on three schedules.

“The event founded by On Track Events local entrepreneur Sarah Ferguson will see up to 1500 passengers travel on return journeys from Paraparaumu to Ōtaki on a fully illuminated heritage steam train to experience the first-ever night market at Ōtaki Yard between 4 pm – 9 pm,” said Otaki Yard in a press release.

Source: Passengers getting off


The Ōtaki Yard market ran from 8 am – 2 pm, then switching stallholders and starting back up at 4 pm – 9 pm hosting Food Trucks, live entertainment, artisans plus lots of tasty treats. The first train ride departed from Paraparaumu at 4:00 pm and then departed Otaki at 6:10 pm, second 5:30 pm to 7:40 pm, and third; 7:00 pm to 9:05 pm.

Source: Steam Train Parked at Ōtaki Train Station

“We believe this may be the first time a Steam Train has been illuminated and run on the “main trunk line” in New Zealand. Steam trains have been missing from the rail in the Wellington Region for nearly a year, and we are thrilled to mark their return in a special way and support the wonderful people who are keeping New Zealand rail history alive,” said Sarah Ferguson, Founder of Light The Night Kapiti.

Source: Ōtaki Train Station

A sight to never un-see at the Ōtaki Train Station that is finally getting put to good use with life that no other local could express.

Source: Police controlling the traffic

Police controlled the traffic as people waited to cross the road from Subway after walking from the Ōtaki Train Station, where the Steam Train had parked up to rest would then walk to go the Ōtaki Yard market.

Source: East side of Ōtaki Yard market

The Ōtaki Yard had the night idea planned for a long time, well before the public had an idea. Some would have known because of the light setup above the area of the food sector in the market. The market isn’t projected to be a circus; it promises to bring large crowds to celebrate the event and invite locals selling quality made food, eco-friendly goods, and beverages.

From the mass of crowds, it looks to prove more night events will happen with the Ōtaki Yard, yet to know, is the burning idea of excitement for the next bizarre event.

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