Ōtaki Yard to operate drive through flu vaccinations amid Coronavirus lockdown level 3

Ōtaki Yard to operate drive through flu vaccinations amid Coronavirus lockdown level 3

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Just recently Ōtaki Yard let us know about a quick-release form to let the public know what’s going on with the space that has not been used yet & what it will be used for.

Ōtaki residents will soon be able to receive the flu vaccination without having to leave their cars. The owners of Ōtaki Yard have offered their site to Ōtaki Medical Centre which was looking for a venue with a drive-through option and shelter to give out vaccinations to locals.

The clinic will operate at Ōtaki Yard, located at the former Caltex site on Main Road, beginning on Wednesday 6 May.


Depending on vaccine availability, the clinic will run twice a week every Wednesday and Friday from 9 am.

Adrian Gregory, Chairman of Ōtaki Health and Wellbeing Advisory Group, has been assisting Kiwa Raureti, the Manager at the Ōtaki Medical Centre to find an appropriate venue.

“The medical centre has been running the vaccinations out of the marae next door, but it came with challenges mainly because patients had to leave their car and the centre didn’t have the ability to chill the vaccines to the desired temperature after the criteria for storing vaccines changed.”

Criteria for the cold-chain have fortunately changed so that the vaccines must now be kept chilled rather than at a specified low temperature. Vaccines are still being supplied in lots of just 60, but can (and is) vaccinating up to 200 a day so has been building up supplies over 3/4 days before it spends a day vaccinating.

The current arrangement at the Marae next door to the Otaki Medical centre is less efficient than hoped in terms of the ‘drive-through’ concept & shelter for those both receiving and giving for the vaccinations during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“We are grateful for Ōtaki Yard enabling us to use this all-weather venue through to when the alert level is reduced to level 2,” said Adrian Gregory.

For Kiwa Raureti, “Ōtaki Yard ticked all the boxes because it provides enough space for patients to drive in, park under shelter and receive the vaccine without having to leave their car. It also has power supply so hundreds of the vaccines can be stored and chilled at the appropriate temperature.”

The Ōtaki Medical Centre will contact patients by phone to book them into the clinic, and drop-in appointments may also be offered for residents, depending on vaccine availability. Locals will be able to receive updates on the clinics by visiting local Facebook groups.

Referred people from the Otaki Medical centre can drive in off Arthur Street, drive undercover to receive the vaccine, park to allow adverse reactions, then loop out to Arthur Street again. This can ensure that the venue is protected by all types of weather from interfering during the running days during the week through to when alert level 2 is reduced.

The market was postponed, which was to officially open on Saturday 21 March this year, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The yard area space was going to be the next big market for the township, encouraging people to buy local products & produce. Unfortunately, they’d announced that their significant investment is no longer happening to protect the health of locals from spreading the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The plan for the Otaki Yard event included a large restaurant/bar, a walkway with specialty shops, as well as a market and a food-truck area for consumers/customers coming by.
There are many shops in Otaki but are currently vacant; this means many traders and residents of Otaki & the local districts had no way to sell and share their new ideas to the community. The Otaki Yard was put in place to fix that solution.


The new Expressway that typically bypasses Otaki was going to affect business; hence inviting a new market to the town of Otaki will attract and encourage new people to visit along.
The Otaki Yard market grounds were aiming to get around 100 stalls, from new businesses to current showcasing their goods and services for the public to enjoy.

This incl. Fresh produce, cutlery, jewellery, artisan goods, plants, new types of cheese, and many other goods, but the one rule was that it had to be locally owned and run to be a stallholder.

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