Passengers on Emirates flight to NZ were not aware of ‘fly-spray insecticide’ upon arrival

Passengers on Emirates flight to NZ were not aware of ‘fly-spray insecticide’ upon arrival

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Passenger Melanie Lorraine Petrowski arrived in New Zealand on an Emirates flight, number EK448, at around 12:00 pm at Auckland Airport. The plane arrived from Dubai after stopping in Kuala Lumpur on the way.

Upon arrival, all passengers on board were told a ‘fly-spray’ insecticide was going to be disbursed inside the plane. Melanie Petrowski posted to their Facebook page in disbelief, that the flight attendant said it was the first time they’d heard of it.

Source: CC/ Facebook


“We’ve just landed in Auckland sitting in the plane, and an announcement has just been made that a chemical is going to be sprayed in the plane while we’re still in it,” said Melanie Petrowski.

“I DO NOT CONSENT!! There are babies and children on this flight.”

An MPI worker who was on the plane accordingly said to Melanie, and passengers that when they open the doors of the plane insects could potentially fly in.

The announcement was only made a few minutes before the insecticide was sprayed inside the plane.

“We should’ve been given the option to leave the plane first. It was so gross,” said Melanie Petrowski.

Passengers on the flight could have had allergic reactions to the spray; not knowing about it going to happen in the first place with such little notice.

“Still not good enough not to give us the option to step off before they spray. Especially since allergies are more prevalent now,” said Melanie Petrowski.

thisquality contacted the appropriate departments in regards to this situation, but, the results of getting a comment was very dire.

MPI Biosecurity New Zealand, Auckland Airport, Department of Internal Affairs, Aviation Security Services all refused to give a comment to thisquality on this situation. 

Image: flickr

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