Peaceful Public Health Response Bill protest ft. Michael Kay

Get an inside look featuring Michael Kay (NZ Outdoors Party Otaki Candidate) acting as the host for the video showcasing how a peaceful protest organized by a small political party works at Parliaments Grounds.

On Wednesday, June 3rd, a protest was organized by Sue Grey (NZ Outdoors Party Co-Leader), Alan Simmons (NZ Outdoors Party Leader) incl. other groups on the topics of 1080, all lives matter, black lives matter, abortion, and untested health issues regarding 5g come together to fight against the COVID-19 Public Health Respect Act/Bill that technically takes New Zealanders health & human rights away.

Source: Sam Hudson

Sue Grey (right) starts the introduction of standing next to Michael Kay (left), promoting the protest: “just down by the railway station (in Wellington) – about to head over to Parliament where the whole range of people supporting a whole range of different issues. But, basically to claim New Zealand back for New Zealanders, to get rid of all these laws that have been rushed through, all these infringements on our rights and getting a really good going crowd here. People supporting the 1080 issues, 5g issues, sovereignty issues, the COVID-19 Response Act and democracy.”

Source: Sam Hudson

Alan Simmons (far left) also joins in to show the power they have as Sue Grey (right) speaks on: “So many different people here. So we’ve got our group here from the NZ Outdoors Party. We’re working with everybody because the whole idea is to bring everybody together because we are all in this Waka together and we’ve all got to start working together to say what we want.”

Source: Sam Hudson

Michael Kay (left) interviews James Taniere (right), one of the protest voices and group leaders making sure everyone is safe during the ongoing protest to Parliament from the Wellington Train Station.

“I just want to let James tell his story of the journey that he has already made on his way to come all the way down from Kaitaia to be here. Massive journey, what a warrior for a cause,” Michael Kay said to James & the camera.

James says the group is marching in response to the Public Health Response Bill, especially since the police have been given too much power by the Government to act against the people of New Zealand during a tough time.

During the whole lockdown process from when it was announced to when it was fully in place, a bill was passed on the 12th of April from the Health Act 1956 to make Coronavirus (COVID-19) as a “quarantinable disease”, giving medical officers of health (those of public health officials appointed by the director-general of health, Dr. Ashley Bloomfield) higher powers, backed by the New Zealand Police for use of reasonable measures, to impose conditions of isolation, quarantine or disinfection.

This means that a medical officer if authorized to do so by the Minister or if a state of emergency has been declared under the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002 or while an epidemic notice is in force,— can enforce these powers that include, requiring a person to be isolated, quarantined, or disinfected.

Anyone returning from overseas flights, or close contacts of those who test positive for the Coronavirus, who will not voluntarily self-isolate for 14 days can be forced to do so. And medical officers of health also can order any premises to shut down immediately if they find anything they do not approve of in regards to the Health Act 1956.

Police can also visit someones private home, or even their workplace without a warrant in most cases and remove a person (with force possible if the person fails to comply) or even shut down a workplace if Police/medical health officers suspect that the specific person may have the Coronavirus or links/connections to a spreader.

Source: Sam Hudson

“We’re hoping that continues, the open transparency (of the police) everyone is just one.”

“We don’t want no trouble Whanau. This is Peaceful, passive-resistance. Violence and riotors will not be tolerated, if anything; you’re out, okay. We are going there to be heard and not to be throwing arms and what-not around. This is Aotearoa’s rights, this is all colors, every color matters in this country, our rights were taken from us when the bill came through.”

“I don’t want people coming into my home, I want to make sure my kids are safe,” said James Taniere

Source: Sam Hudson

No one had an issue with each other’s views at the Parliaments Grounds protest in Wellington City. The people of the protest said what they would like to express against the Government without concern or disagreement with each other, it was really peaceful.

Special thanks to Sue Grey (NZ Outdoors Party Co-Leader) & Alan Simmons (NZ Outdoors Party Leader) for inviting us to the event to film what mainstream media do not show.

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