People’s Vaccine ‘Oxfam’ angry at NZ Government for not backing

People’s Vaccine ‘Oxfam’ angry at NZ Government for not backing

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Oxfam, who is aiming to help stop the spread of COVID-19 around the world is angry at New Zealand’s Government for backing the call to waive patients and facilitate a free and ‘fairly’ distributed vaccine.

Oxfam New Zealand’s Communications and Advocacy Director Dr Joanna Spratt said: “It is disappointing for the New Zealand government not to support a decision that could help to prevent billions of people missing out on a life-saving vaccine, as poorer countries do not have the same leverage as richer nations to protect their populations while those wealthy countries are hoarding more than they need.”

“Saying New Zealand will support the COVAX facility instead is no perfect solution to the complex challenge of delivering a safe vaccine to everyone in the world. Meeting this task is essential to ending the pandemic, as it’s not over until it’s over for everyone.”


“But this will not happen while pharmaceutical companies are allowed to withhold vital science and intellectual property, or while rich nations continue to use their purchasing power to side-step COVAX and buy up the vast majority of the world’s currently limited vaccine supply for years to come.”

Earlier in the year, PM Jacinda Ardern signed on an open letter calling for a guaranteed global and equal access to a COVID-19 vaccine. The latter stated ‘where you should not determine whether you live’ — another statement in the letter reads ‘this cannot be a race with one winner. When one or more vaccines are successful, it must be a win for all of us.'”

Oxfam says the agreement with the PM on those points, on access to a COVID-19 vaccine that should not be dependent on where someone is born or how much money is a country. 

The company says that a vaccine ‘now more than ever’ is needed for global cooperation to halt the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and stop the pandemic in its tracks.

“Waiving patents is one way to advance more equitable distribution and supply of a vaccine. But if the government feels unable to support this, there is still plenty more they can do to advance a free vaccine for everyone. It is not clear how much New Zealand has contributed to the COVAX Advanced Market Commitment mechanism, so publishing our contribution would be a good first step so New Zealanders can see how strong our commitment is,” Dr Joanna Spratt said.

“The government could also join the ‘Solidarity call to action to realise equitable global access to COVID-19 health technologies through a pooling of knowledge, intellectual property and data’, already signed onto by 40 other WHO member states and other supporting organisations and people.”

“Finally, New Zealand could use its purchasing power to persuade pharmaceutical corporations to voluntarily share their coronavirus intellectual property and technology.”

The company Oxfam says that there just comes a time when humanity’s common good must take precedence over private profits.


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