Pilot posts remarkable images of Area 51 while skirting restricted airspace

Pilot posts remarkable images of Area 51 while skirting restricted airspace

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Private pilot Gabriel Zeifman got to experience a rare sight-see of the hidden Nevada Test and Training Range. He took his camera with him and the results are remarkable. 

America’s most secretive airbases Area 51 and Tonopah Test Range Airport are located deep in the Nevada Test and Training Range covering a large area of southern Nevada.

There are some vantage points on the ground where viewers can see the highly secured base, aerial images from maps show little detail in quality to make out what it looks like.


Source: CC/ Gabriel Zeifman

Pilot Rob Richards posted one image of the runway to Twitter in a tweet which sparked the popularity of images originally posted by private pilot Zeifman.

“One of the clearer photos of Area 51 and the two runways I have seen in a while,” he wrote.

“Left runway is closed apparently with a giant X, and a hanger can be seen open.”

Zeifman posted his images on Reddit which also gained more popularity. According to The Drive, he described the flight as an intention of interested in the military airspace out in the middle of the desert for a while before going to check it out. 

“After departing Rachel, I was given permission to enter R4806W en route to Henderson and proceeded to fly the perimeter of The Box and R4808N basically to Yucca Lake. I only had my cell phone camera at the time, so I waited to come back with a good camera,” he said.

“Last weekend, I was unable to get permission to fly into any of the restricted areas, so I took the opportunity to get some great pictures of TNX [Tonopah Test Range Airport] as I skirted the perimeter. I don’t have any kind of special authorization in these airspaces, they’re just random transits that I’ve been given en route to other places when the airspace is cold.”

Source: CC/ Gabriel Zeifman

The pilot described seeing other parts of the ranges surrounding the area including infrastructure set upon them.

“It’s been quite neat to see the other parts of the ranges including all the targets and infrastructure,” Zeifman said.

You can view all of the images taken from the fly-by at this Google Drive link.

Images: CC/ Gabriel Zeifman


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really cool i checked the images thank you