Police forfeit over $400k in a Methamphetamine dealing in Gisborne

Police forfeit over $400k in a Methamphetamine dealing in Gisborne

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Police have forfeited over $470,000 following an investigation into methamphetamine dealings in Gisborne.

Three were convicted in Gisborne District Court between November of 2019 and February of 2020. Their roles were involved in the sale and supply of methamphetamine in Gisborne.

Police called the investigation part of Operation Pinyin. Lucky Campbell was involved in the operation, who was jailed for over 13 years in December of 2019 after pleading guilty to seven charges consisting of possessing methamphetamine for supply.

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Detective Inspector Craig Hamilton, Manager: Asset Recovery Units says police were reaching a forfeiture of $470,170 in cash under an order using the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act (CPRA) from the High Court in Gisborne.

“The CPRA allows Police to restrain and forfeit assets acquired or derived from the proceeds of crime. The CPRA intends to prevent, disrupt, and deter crime, especially in organised crime and methamphetamine offending,” said Inspector Hamilton.

“Money gives criminals power and influence, and removing the profits from crime is an important part of the Police strategy to make New Zealand the safest country.”

“We need communities to be vigilant, and we encourage the reporting of suspicious financial activities, including information about those who are acquiring property or are living a lifestyle that is inconsistent with their means.”

It is a great result for the community of Gisborne, as the funds will now be used to fund initiatives to reduce the harm of crime and prevent any further occurrence.

Image: SUPPLIED/New Zealand Police

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If Oranga Tamariki uplifted the kids whose mums are on P there would be bugger all kids at school the next day. Gisborne is becoming more screwed up by the day. Mongrel Mob Meth World would be a better more appropriate name than Gisborne