Police Officer charged over unjustified use of Taser and Pepper Spray

Police Officer charged over unjustified use of Taser and Pepper Spray

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Police have said that an officer has been found guilty in court from an incident that happened outside of the SkyCity carpark in September 2017.

At the time, Police were chasing a vehicle through Auckland city for around 40 minutes before it stopped in the SkyCity carpark.

A male who was the driver fled the scene, and a female passenger remained in the car.

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One of the attending officers used a taser and was subjected to the criminal investigation from the incident, and the officer was subsequently prosecuted.

The court case recently concluded, the officer of which was guilty of presenting a restricted weapon and receiving a discharge without conviction on appeal.

Auckland City District Commander Superintendent Karyn Malthus says Police agree with the findings of the IPCA, which found the officer’s use of the Taser and pepper spray were unjustified.

“I believe Police has shown by our actions in charging the officer that we do not accept the type of behaviour that was shown during this incident. This matter was brought to Police’s attention by another officer, and I commend them for coming forward so it could be fully investigated,” says Supt.

Police say it was ‘well below’ the standard that communities expect of them and it was utterly out-of-line with Police values.

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