Police release new information from death of Melissa Jones

Police release new information from death of Melissa Jones

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Police have been investigating the death of Rotorua mother Melissa Jones and are hopeful that information released from Police Ten 7’s exclusive episode on October 15 will prompt those who know what happened to Melissa to get in touch.

The Police Ten 7 episode is available to watch on the NZ Police and Bay of Plenty Police Facebook pages.

Melissa, aged 25, was last seen in Rotorua on the weekend of September 7th – 8th of the year 2019 — she was located deceased on the shorefront of Lake Rotorua six weeks later on October 18th.


The death remains unexplained, and Police are asking the public for help to piece together her exact movements before her death.

“Melissa was the mother of two young children, who want to know what happened to their mum,” says Detective Sergeant Caroline Wharton. 

“Melissa was also part of a large family and had many friends, and she is deeply missed by them all.”

Source: CC/ NZ Police

Police released a photo of the clothing that they believe Melissa was last wearing — black pants, a black mesh top, and a red garment that she was wearing around her waist.

The clothing is yet to be located by Police and would like to hear from anyone who may be able to assist with the recovery of any of the clothing items listed.

“We are committed to providing answers for all those who loved Melissa, but we need help,” says Detective Sergeant Wharton.

“There are people in the community who will have information which could assist us in establishing what happened to Melissa, and we need them to get in touch with us.”

Anyone who has information which could assist the investigation team is urged to contact the Police Ten 7 Information Line on 0800 107 4636.

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