Police respond to Bomb threat at Countdown Supermarket in Rangitikei

Police respond to Bomb threat at Countdown Supermarket in Rangitikei

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A post was shared online writing that a bomb threat occurred at Rangitikei’s Countdown supermarket at around 4:40 pm on Saturday.

thisquality contacted Police to confirm if it was a legitimate post. It was established to be true of that nature.

A female called a payphone threatening to blow up the supermarket.

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The motive behind the threat is unknown.

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Police immediately took the threat very seriously after it was reported to them. They did not find anything of concern in the area, however.

A Police media spokesperson gave thisquality a response to the actions units at the scene took to secure and guarantee it was safe.

“Police received information this afternoon relating to a threat towards a supermarket, officers have attended the store and [did] not locate anything of concern.”

No further details were given.

Image: SUPPLIED/Google Maps

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That’s actually Rangitikei Street in the Manawatu, PN, not the Rangitikei district as implied.