Police seek to speak with Pania Waaka following Homicide Investigation

Police seek to speak with Pania Waaka following Homicide Investigation

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Police are seeking to find 35-year-old Pania Waaka following a Karori Homicide Investigation named Operation Skyline.

Pania, according to authorities, was believed to be travelling between Wellington, Whanganui and the Hastings area(s).

An investigation took place on December 20, 2020, which asked the public to find more information about the death of a person named Rau Tongia.

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The victim was shot at a Percy Dyett Drive address according to reports supplied to thisquality via New Zealand Police.

“Anyone who was on Percy Dyett Drive or the nearby Karori Park area between 4:30 am, and 4:45 am and may have heard a gunshot noise or unusual noise, or noticed any suspicious activity is urged to contact the investigation team,” Detective Sergeant Stephen Wescott said.

Anyone with information that can assist Police is asked to contact 105 and quote file number 201220/8063.

Image: SUPPLIED/New Zealand Police

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