Police suspend search for missing woman Melissa Ewings

Police suspend search for missing woman Melissa Ewings

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Police have announced that they are suspending the search for missing 31-year-old Clarence woman Melissa Ewings after she went missing on September 21 (Monday).

Melissa Ewings did not arrive to work on that Monday after she had told a friend she was going for a walk to the Clarence River on Sunday afternoon (September 20).

While Police are no longer going to be actively searching for Melissa, they have said that they will review any information that comes to their attention.

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Every missing person enquiry is treated on a case-by-case basis, and a decision about when to suspend a search involves several factors, including the areas able to be searched, evidence located and other lines of enquiry being exhausted.

“We want to acknowledge how difficult the past few weeks have been for Melissa’s family, friends and colleagues and we will continue to keep an open mind as to what has happened to her,” said Marlborough Area Prevention Manager Peter Payne.

“We also want to thank the search and rescue teams and volunteers that have helped search for Melissa.” 

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