President Trump burdens VP Mike Pence: ‘We will win the Presidency’

President Trump burdens VP Mike Pence: ‘We will win the Presidency’

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American President Donald J. Trump said that if Vice President Mike Pence makes the decision of what the people want, Trump will allegedly win the presidency.

In a Twitter tweet, Trump writes that many states ‘want to’ decertify the mistake they made by certifying a large number of alleged illegitimate and fraudulent votes.

Their State Legislatures did not approve the votes.

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If Vice President @Mike_Pence comes through for us, we will win the Presidency,” wrote Trump.

“Many States want to decertify the mistake they made in certifying incorrect & even fraudulent numbers in a process NOT approved by their State Legislatures (which it must be).”

He added that the Vice President can ‘send it back’ to prevent alleged illegitimate votes from being certified further.

“Mike can send it back,” Trump wrote.

Earlier Republican State Senators come together in signing a letter that will be sent to the Vice President assuming he should delay January 6 Electoral Vote. Around 18 have signed the letter written to Pence.

Other State Senators in Georgia have reportedly recognised that it would be implausible for a special session to be called in the state. It stands over claims of election fraud and other irregularities.

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