President Trump will not be attending Jan. 20 Inauguration

President Trump will not be attending Jan. 20 Inauguration

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President Donald J. Trump said on Friday that he would not be attending the January 20 Inauguration.

The confirmation of Trump not going to the Inauguration was not mentioned in a video telling a few remarks following his online censorship ban that big tech handed over to his accounts.

In a tweet, Trump reminded his supporters who asked if he was attending the Inauguration.

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“To all of those who have asked, I will not be going to the Inauguration on January 20th.” — however, Vice President Mike Pence will be attending.

Celebrations will be much ‘smaller’ due to COVID-19 according to Biden when he urged his supporters to not travel to Washington, D.C. In hopes. The upcoming administration wanted virtual parades on Pennsylvania Avenue, but they were later scrapped.

On Wednesday, Trump held a Rally where he told his supporters to march to the Capitol. It turned ugly when protestors were allegedly let in by Capitol Police putting a halt to the Electoral College Certification for Joe Biden.

Due to Nancy Pelosi who is trying to impeach the President, creating a security risk of another war, Trump accordingly defended his acts of going to the Inauguration to celebrate the transition.

In the past, three Presidents have skipped Inaugurations.

President Andrew Johnson skipped Ulysses S. Grant’ Inauguration in 1869. President John Adams and President John Quincy Adams both skipped Inaugurations after losing during the early 1800s.

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