Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to receive COVID-19 Vaccine before public, to show leadership

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to receive COVID-19 Vaccine before public, to show leadership

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Though there’s hesitancy, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern should receive the COVID-19 vaccination by going hard and early to show leadership in New Zealand.

However, the PM’s decision not to jump to the front of the queue is abruptly showing there is not enough courage but has gotten support from opposition leader Judith Collins who agreed that border workers and the wider population are vaccinated first.

Most at risk are the border workers, who have been the first to receive the Vaccine before New Zealand’s general population.


The role as the PM is important but sets back statements made by Ardern that she is not as crucial as the frontline workers but has said publically that she will receive the Vaccine and do it at some point — leaving it too late may no longer show kindness to the team of five million.

According to the AM Show on March 1, Ardern said she would receive the vaccine before the general population at around mid-2021.

“I’ll do it publicly, and for those interested, they can watch it. I’ve been really mindful of not taking a vaccine from someone else for who it’s really critical for. There are people who are at risk and I’m not one of them,” said PM Ardern.

“I do want to demonstrate that it’s not only safe to take at the time but long term it’s safe, and so I will do it early on before we start the mass rollout.”

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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison received his Vaccine on February 22 without a fuss with no worries. He called the vaccination program a ‘game changer’ to transform Australia’s response to the Pandemic.

“[Today] is the beginning of a big game-changer, there’s no doubt about that,” said Australian PM Morrison.

“I call on my fellow Australians, and I have, by my own example today, joined by the chief nurse of midwifery and the chief medical officer of our country. Together with those Australians who are in the top priority of this vaccination program, say to you Australians, it is safe, and it is important.”

PM Morrison has not turned into a robot so-be-it, Ardern it is your turn to show the leadership role of a PM to New Zealanders, which will allow for many more to gain the courage to take it.

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