Private Investors: Key to unlock NZ’s Venture Capital

Private Investors: Key to unlock NZ’s Venture Capital

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New Zealand’s Private Investors are the key to a venture capital future.

New Zealand Private Capital Association executive director Colin McKinnon believes the market has the strength in both private equity and angel investing.

“The New Zealand private capital market has strength in both private equity and angel investing. For several years we have talked about the ‘Gap’ in venture capital in this country. Now we have a real prospect of filling some of that gap and private investors are the key,” he said.

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“We estimate that there is between $1.2 billion and $2.7 billion of dry powder available for New Zealand private equity and venture capital investment over the next few years.”

New Zealand is ranked the 8th most attractive market for any private equity, and that is around the world out of 125 countries to be exact. It is a big advantage compared to Germany, European, Switzerland, Denmark, and Norway markets.

Between the years 2010 and 2019, New Zealand fund managed raised an excess of $3 billion from roughly two dozen private equity and venture capital funds. 

“We are now at a place to accelerate the ambitions of venture fund managers. There are healthy signs of new funds with prospects, both domestic first-time funds and international funds with NZ market commitments the funds raised in the last 12 months by Blackbird Ventures, Movac and Pacific Channel are exciting developments,” concluded Colin McKinnon.


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