Pro-life activists march Wellington streets, opposing abortion reform

Pro-life activists march Wellington streets, opposing abortion reform

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Roughly a thousand pro-life activists joined forces to march for life in Wellington City earlier today.

The pro-life movement in Wellington was organised by March For Life who supports our most vulnerable, pre-born children.

The march started at Civic Square and moved towards Parliament Grounds, where speakers informed the numbers of people attending about pro-life meanings and that coming together as one was all that mattered.


Source: CC/ Sam Hudson

“Both lives matter”, “Love them both” could be seen on placards by activists. 

The event posted to Facebook by March For Life NZ was supported by Family For Life, Focus on the Family New Zealand and Voice for Life organisations.

Source: CC/ Sam Hudson

More than 40 years have passed since New Zealand’s law had declared that unborn children had not been given any rights to life.

During 2020, no unborn child has granted the right to life up to birth from a fetus.

The movement focused on making a difference, bringing families together to support a movement that can make a voice for the ones that do not have one.


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