Racist Lee Williams cancelled, wants to join politics to ‘stop it from the inside’ following Facebook ban

Racist Lee Williams cancelled, wants to join politics to ‘stop it from the inside’ following Facebook ban

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Racist Lee Williams is at it again after a long-hauled two week YouTube suspension on May 27 in the midst of spreading hateful or racist content to his personal Facebook page about Māori people, culture and heritage.

Mr Williams is an immigrant to New Zealand from the United Kingdom and continues to incite a harmful message that has caused a significant cancelling online where ever he intends to go.

He believes that his followers online will save him from tech platforms doing the right thing by limiting what can be said in accordance with policy and terms to prevent violence from happening in the real world.


Source: CC/YouTube

In a statement on Friday, Mr Williams showed confusion as to why Facebook applied a temporary lock to his personal account resorting to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and the Māori Party as responsible for it.

“I’m banned from Facebook for three days. I simply can’t work it out why I’m banned,” he said.

“What on God’s earth have I said to get banned on Facebook? This Jacinda Government and the Māori Party have so much power now to get me shut down.”

“I have to get into politics to stop this from the inside.”

Source: CC/thisquality

This follows him being suspended temporarily by Synlait, which employs him after a petition was launched.

The petition called for him to be sacked after posting far-right white supremacist videos to his channel Cross The Rubicon that has over 15,700 subscribers.

On top, two fundraising campaigns were set up on GoFundMe and Givealittle but had later been taken down following many complaints.

Source: CC/thisquality

As a result of posting inciteful content online, it caused one individual to post a video to YouTube threatening to kill Māori people and burn their houses down defending the cancelling of Mr Williams.

The nearly five-minute-long video motivated violence against Māori and was up for about a day before it was taken down following a large number of people who reported it including the Police receiving a complaint from Te Pāti Māori.


Police reportedly took too long to arrest the man but later did after a public outcry was sparked comparing it with threats made to National MP Simeon Brown where they’d get arrested immediately.


The political game for Mr Williams does not look strong for his online reputation that has since stooped to a record low after posting the controversial racist content.

If you or someone else is believed to be in immediate danger, it is recommended to contact New Zealand Police directly on 111.

Any content that is thought to be objectionable should be reported to the Department of Internal Affairs. Alternatively, text or talk at 1737 with a trained counsellor 24 hours a day.

Image: SUPPLIED/YouTube

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Lee is the only one speaking out against Maori supremacy and Maori separatism. I wonder if any of you actually watch his videos. What difference does it make that he is an immigrant? Golly G is an immigrant, El Woko Loco is an immigrant. They are doing far more damage to NZ than Lee ever will.

Ye send him and his back to the Uk. Sooner then later

Deport him! Immediately!

Deport him immediately.. pos must go!