Racist Lee Williams looks to transform his YouTube channel into a ‘fitness fiasco’

Racist Lee Williams looks to transform his YouTube channel into a ‘fitness fiasco’

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Racist Lee Williams decided the political rollercoaster just isn’t enough for his YouTube Channel, Cross The Rubicon, following cancelling of his image and reputation in the public domain.

He was banned from uploading to YouTube on May 27 for two weeks after posting far-right white supremacist videos on the platform.

The two-week ban has now expired, but only twenty-four videos remain as pubic.



In three weeks, Mr Williams got suspended from his job after a petition was launched. He was then cancelled online for posting the racist content.

Police arrested one individual following a complaint from Te Pāti Māori as they’d encouraged violence and death threats directed at them and Māori people in a video posted to YouTube — later taken down.

This person was influenced by Mr Williams posting videos mocking Māori Party Co-leader Rawiri Waititi.

It follows his midlife crisis and everything falling down the chimney hole, thisquality reports; featuring Editor of Mana News and founding member of Love Aotearoa Hate Racism, Joe Trinder, who was interviewed by the Founder of thisquality Sam Hudson.


In a post on Telegram, he writes that he has plans to rename the channel to ‘Cross the Rubicon Fighting Fit’ — hopes are not high for it to be an escape gate from reality.

“Thinking of keeping my YouTube channel for my new venture of fitness videos for 40 to 50-year-olds. A whole lot of stuff most wouldn’t have done before, especially the fighting moves and defending yourself,” he writes.

“It’ll more about getting fit, fighting fit if you like within a confined space if that’s all you’ve got.”

“Getting out on your bike or walk, finding a nice little quiet space in the park or field where you’re alone and undisturbed and time yourself using the techniques I show you.”

“This is not bulking up, but building speed and getting that sagging body harder.

“I can guarantee you I can do it for you if you let me help.”



A statement posted to his personal Facebook page writes that YouTube will not let him upload videos after being unbanned.

“Youtube told me they’ve restored my channel and even apologised to me,” he wrote.

“I can’t load any videos, they erased all comments from all my previous videos, and they refuse to even answer my question why?”

“They truly are psychopaths of the left.”

He’d asked for feedback, but certainly, that will not look too bright as he looks to expand the content away from being prejudiced against Māori people. With such a past it will never leave the internet and people’s thoughts as one of New Zealand’s most known racists.

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