Raphael Warnock wins Georgia’s Special Election in Senate runoffs

Raphael Warnock wins Georgia’s Special Election in Senate runoffs

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Democratic candidate Raphael Warnock won a U.S. Senate seat in Georgia after a tough race with Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler is one of the state’s January 5 runoff elections.

The other Senate race between Republican Senator David Perdue and Democrat Jon Ossoff has not been called yet.

The race was called at around 11:13 PM EST according to Decision Desk HQ. The margin of votes was large enough to call it, as Loeffler accepted Warnock’s win at around 11:40 PM EST.

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Warnock’s win means he’ll be the first-ever Black Senator to be elected in the Georiga state.

He will be the 11th Black candidate that has ever been elected to the Senate, one of three Black Senators within the current Congress.

Warnock being in the Special Election race and winning means he would allow Democrats to have 50 seats in the Senate, plus candidate Kamala Harris who serves the majority of votes. (The other race has however yet to be called on which party will control the Senate.)

Even if Democrats manage to gain control of the Senate with both seats, they would require around 10 Republican votes to pass bills as they require a 60-vote supermajority in the Senate.

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