Ratepayers paid over $100k in upgrades for Kauri Dieback Track

Ratepayers paid over $100k in upgrades for Kauri Dieback Track

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Auckland ratepayers have had to fork out over $100,000 in upgrades and repairs for the Kauri Dieback Track.

The track was hit by acts of vandalism in local and regional parks, forcing the Kauri tracks to close down.

Ripped fences, stolen and damaged cameras and signs were left to sit on the tracks from vandals. Spray guns, brushes and broken hygiene stations were also reported.

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Source: CC/ SUPPLIED/Facebook

“These acts of vandalism are a senseless waste of scarce resources and endanger our environment,” says Mayor Phil Goff.

“Auckland Council is working hard to reopen tracks so Aucklanders can get out and enjoy the parks and reserves this summer. Senseless behaviour by a small number of people is holding back this work.”

Source: CC/ ourauckland

“Vandalism has always occurred in regional parks, but the specific and deliberate damage to track barriers, signs and the willful cutting of uterine lines would appear to be a form of protest, and that’s the frustrating piece,” adds Stu Leighton, Senior Ranger – Kauri Dieback Management.

Image: ourauckland

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