Reports of Helicopters starting 1080 aerial pre-feeding

Reports of Helicopters starting 1080 aerial pre-feeding

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UPDATE (15.08.20) – OSPRI has confirmed that the Helicopter flying low was not one of theirs.

UPDATE (12.08.20) – We have not received a comment from either OSPRI or DOC. Until further notice, we will not update this story until we get a comment.

UPDATE 3:43 pm: OSPRI will be sending a further confirmation later this evening. The media team are currently in a meeting & will further update us on this alleged sighting of what looks to be a Helicopter preparing 1080 pre-feed.

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UPDATE 2:24 pm: Medical DHBs, OSPRI and DOC are being contacted for further information.

UPDATE 1:51 pm: Allegedly this may be a Helicopter carrying concrete but until there is a comment from either DOC or OSPRI we will still run this story.

JUST IN: There have been reports of Helicopters possibly starting 1080 aerial pre-feeding operations over the Manakau area near Ōtaki. This plays the part of the upcoming Tararua Ranges 1080 Poison Aerial Drop scheduled for late winter.

Source: Soraya Bradley

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