Republicans chant “LOCK HER UP” outside of Hillary Clinton’s house

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Republicans and supporters of American President Donald J. Trump chant “LOCK HER UP” in anger outside of Hillary Clinton’s house after the news broke that president-elect-Joe Biden was considering her to be an ambassador to the United Nations (UN).

On Sunday (US local) the group rallies aft her Chappaqua residence chanting aloud “USA” and “LOCK HER UP” repeatedly.

Chelsea Clinton of former U.S. President Bill Clinton and 2016’s presidential candidate Hillary Clinton complained about the incident, tweeting in disbelief, over the republicans chanting aloud over loudspeakers outside of her parents’ house.

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“There are Tump supporters outside my parents’ house shouting through megaphones.”

Though, the tweet was citing more towards COVID-19 than anything, that she hoped they were wearing masks.

Yet there are other tweets from Chelsea Clinton promoting Black Lives Matter and Antifa events, allowing protesters to disturb other people’s neighbourhoods and burn down buildings.



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