Republicans most likely will win Pennsylvania Election Lawsuit

Republicans most likely will win Pennsylvania Election Lawsuit

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A judge who ordered America’s Pennsylvania not to certify the 2020 US election results spoke out on Friday (UST) that Republicans have a solid chance of winning the current lawsuit.

Judge Patricia McCullough of Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth had analyzed blocking the election certification.

Republican lawmakers and candidates had sued Keystone State this week which argues that the state legislature mail-in voting laws (Act 77) had violated the commonwealth’s constitution.

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However, Pennsylvania states they’d certified the results of the election for president and vice-president on 24 November — this happened while the court was reviewing briefings from both parties, Democrats and Republicans. In-response a request was filed for an emergency injunction that argues the state should not have acted so fast.

Republican state lawmakers based in Pennsylvania had released a memo on 27 November saying they will be quickly introducing a resolution to oppose the results of the 2020 US election results.

The resolution declares that the selection of presidential electors and other electoral contest results state-wide in this current commonwealth is in dispute.


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