Reserve Bank of New Zealand data systems ‘accessed’ by another Government

Reserve Bank of New Zealand data systems ‘accessed’ by another Government

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The Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) was likely to be hacked by another Government. On Sunday afternoon, the RBNZ responded with ‘urgency’ to a breach of its data systems.

A tweet statement was announced, “We are responding with urgency to a breach of one of our data systems.”

On the Reserve Bank Website, a further statement was written classing the breach as an illegal one.

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“The Reserve Bank of New Zealand is responding with urgency to a breach of one of its data systems.”

The breach involves a third-party file-sharing service used by the Bank systems to share and store a small amount of sensitive information.

Following the breach, it was being treated with the highest priority.

Governor Adrian Orr said the breach was contained. “We are working closely with domestic and international cybersecurity experts and other relevant authorities as part of our investigation and response to this malicious attack.”

“The nature and extent of information that has been potentially accessed is still being determined, but it may include some commercially and personally sensitive information.”

“The system has been secured and taken offline until we have completed our initial investigations.”

“It will take time to understand the full implications of this breach, and we are working with system users whose information may have been accessed. Our core functions remain sound and operational.”


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