Reserve Bank of NZ on long-term challenges and opportunities

Reserve Bank of NZ on long-term challenges and opportunities

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The Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) stated its focus of responding to long-term challenges and opportunities.

With confidence, Te Pūtea Matua has acted ‘swiftly’ to tackle the economic challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to New Zealand.

Longer-term problems are about facing the challenges and risks directed in a briefing for Finance Minister Hon. Grant Robertson.

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A release of the Briefing to the Incoming Minister (BIM) was released today which previews the Reser Bank’s current work programmes and key priorities.

RBNZ has focused its main efforts in New Zealand’s financial and economic system to address the environmental, social and cultural challenges that the country faces — this includes market adjustment, foster productivity and innovation in New Zealand.

The financial sector of confidence, certainty, regulatory stewardship and co-ordinated and cohesive approaches.

The vulnerability of financial services will be addressed, including access to the systems involved, which will support the economic growth for a sustainable financial economy.

“Our current strategic objectives set the foundations for a cohesive response to these longer-term challenges, but there is more we can do across the system. We welcome the opportunity to discuss these longer-term challenges and opportunities,” the Briefing states.

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