Results are in for industrial relations ‘grading’ of political parties

Results are in for industrial relations ‘grading’ of political parties

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New Zealand’s Council of Trade Unions (NZCTU) today has released their official assessment and grading of all major political parties. 

The grading of each party consists of industrial relations policies in a workplace environment.

Also included in the grading report was after sick leave, fair pay, four weeks minimum of redundancy, better health and safety in the workplace, stronger public services and living wages for all.

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NZCTU President Richard Wagstaff says that they asked five major parties that are currently in Parliament about what they’d do in six priority areas, ensuring that work rations with life quality are improved for ‘all working people’.

“The Green Party was graded an A+, the Labour Party an A, New Zealand First a B+, National an E, and ACT an F. A Labour-Green government is what will deliver the best for working people.”

You can view the full survey responses here from each party:
New Zealand First 
ACT’s policy links

“We encourage everyone to be a voter and to think about what work should look like in the future when they vote. The COVID-19 pandemic has focused our minds on the importance of good, safe work for us all,” says Wagstaff.

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