Road cleared after large tree falls across Lambton Quay

Road cleared after large tree falls across Lambton Quay

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A large tree fell over in Lambton Quay, Central Wellington earlier today at around 12:40 pm.

The southbound lane was blocked which prevented traffic using the road.

Source: CC/ Nicky Lynch


No one was hurt when the tree fell but many people in the surrounding area reported seeing it fall.

Busses were told to divert and motorists were asked to avoid the street.

Source: CC/ Wellington City Council

Firefighters and Wellington City Council staff were at Midland Park making sure it was safe to prepare the removal of the tree. 

The cause of the tree falling was due to very strong winds, of up to 100 kilometres throughout the weekend and late last week. A sudden gust of wind had caused the tree to collapse and fall.

The northbound road at Midlands reopened at around 7:00 pm but was reduced to one lane. Buses have returned to their normal route

Images: CC/ Nicky Lynch & Wellington City Council w/ permissions.

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