Rocket Lab re-schedules ‘Sunset Phenomenon’ launch

Rocket Lab re-schedules ‘Sunset Phenomenon’ launch

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Unfortunately, Rocket Lab had to stand down their ‘Sunset Phenomenon’ launch into the sky on January 16 to review sensor data.

The company is set to re-schedule its launch for January 20 after standing down over the weekend.

It is one of the first missions of 2021, after being re-scheduled, where a ‘sunset phenomenon’ will light the night sky.

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A live stream of it happening will start at around 7:45 pm NZT on the Rocket Lab YouTube and Facebook pages. Readers will also be able to view it on all @thisquality platforms.

The mission named ‘Another One Leaves the Crust’ will be initiated from the Māhia Peninsula in New Zealand where Electron, the rocket, will lift off from Pad A at LC-1 shortly after the live stream starts.

Source: CC/ Hamish Pike (Rocket Lab)

A sunset phenomenon occurs when particles coming from the rocket propellant are left in the vapour trail, it then condenses, freezes and expands. The upper atmosphere will contain less dense particles.

Image: SUPPLIED/Rocket Lab

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