Russian President Vladimir Putin signs law allowing two more terms

Russian President Vladimir Putin signs law allowing two more terms

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Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on Monday that will allow for him to probably hold two more years of power to 2036.

It ends a year-long process to reset presidential terms, rewriting the constitution with a constitutional vote that includes a provision to reset prior term limits.

The 68-year-old has been Present for more than two decades which is longer than any Kremlin leader since Josef Stalin, who ruled for 29 years as a dictatorship President. Since 2000 Putin has been in power after predecessor Boris Yeltsin resigned.

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The new law will limit Russian citizens to two presidential terms within their lifetime, but it does not count specific terms that were served until it comes into power. The past four teams would not count, meaning he could still do two more terms.

After the first two terms of being in office, Putin assumed the prime minister’s post in 2008 as term limits caused trouble, but he remained the country’s leader despite his return to his presidency during 2012.

Current terms for this presidential runaway will expire in 2024, but will be lengthened to six years.


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