Salvation Army to help vulnerable families this Christmas

Salvation Army to help vulnerable families this Christmas

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The Salvation Army is opening the door to hope this Christmas.

For some during Christmas, it will be a welcome to an end of the most difficult year with a celebration, but for others, it will be the first time that they may have to reach out for support from the Salvation Army.

Sallies says that most of us do know someone that has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, there are many others around the country that you may not know personally that have also been hit hard financially this year, and it could even be your next-door neighbour without you knowing it.


Families who felt secure are now finding themselves in a situation where emotions can affect them due to financial issues.

The Salvation Army says that they see these types of families and people every day and they are expecting more in the coming weeks to ask for help.

The Salvation Army offers a range of services to help vulnerable people and help them get out of poverty, from budgeting advice to positive lifestyle programmes, housing support to addiction services, social work to advocacy.

The demand has been high as of right now, and Sallies is recruiting and training and additional 15 budget advisors to cope with financial mentoring over the next few months.

There’s been a 35 percent increase in the need for support with wellbeing, and this is likely to increase by December. 

“For too many New Zealanders, the only gift they want this Christmas is ‘hope’. Hope to regain stability; hope to get back their dignity and self-esteem; hope that Christmas Day will bring even a little joy; the hope of regaining their emotional wellbeing; hope for the future,” says Jono Bell, Territorial Director for Community Ministries.

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