Sam Hudson talks about constructive criticism on his personal platform (CEO of thisquality)

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Sam Hudson, the CEO of thisquality speaks about constructive criticism on his personal platform due to recent comments on views that are his own were taken out of proportion/context.

For the last seven years, Sam Hudson has created content online through multiple companies and platforms where he has received numerous comments that relate to criticism of his work. On his accounts, where he posts his views, is why he is concerned for the suppression of free speech.

Source: Snapchat

“I’d just like also to clear something else up, if you are jealous of the work or if you are complaining about the work… why not create your own platform and complain to us? because that is called competition.”

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“I am not going to listen to you if you’re just going to send, you know, messages that are just trying to dictate our website. If you have an issue, you can contact us on our website, and that’s a fair share, but when it’s on my own platform like on, you know Snapchat or uh Instagram or anything like that. That’s my own words… I can make a conspiracy if I want because that’s the way I think.”

“My views are my own and, if it’s to do with the company (thisquality) obviously our authors and what-not are going to fact check it because I don’t do that stuff; my authors do. I don’t make the articles.”

Source: Facebook Groups/SUPPLIED

An admin of a group that runs multiple other groups had made a post saying “I’m sick of moaners and people who can’t learn to scroll past something that triggers them.”

To the right, a post was shared with one of the groups that were managed by that admin. The red box shows their response, “apology, the blame everyone else for the massive f** up and also prove to everyone that you know absolutely nothing of the world of journalism, at the same time apology? yeah, that was funny.”

“I work my ass off, you know, ever since 2014 creating content and people say learn media law, do Journalism, you don’t even know me okay- you only know me from what I post online, you can’t prove what I do in my personal leisure time without actually getting proof. So, whoever says that, especially from a journalist that has said that, to me, should get their facts right. And that’s the thing, I am just over you know- just sick and tired of just people in general. I’m sick and tired of people because you know for years I’ve always been alone, but I’ve learned a lot,” Sam Hudson said.

thisquality was recently banned on numerous group pages by an admin that works for a large media organization; after a recent article was released about a murder in Otaki. The article had an image posted of an innocent person and was further removed after it being up for 13minutes and 58 seconds.

The article was written by a team colleague & they were punished for the acts of doing so after breaching a strict rule of authorization for updating articles at thisquality. Furthermore, an apology was written up by our CEO in an as legal possible manner.

The company privacy states:


The company has learned from its past mistakes and furthermore and will move forward to be better.


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