Seagulls Mysteriously dying at Hokio Beach

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Reports online from Facebook users had people share & engage with the content after finding out that many Seagulls; if-not hundreds had fallen out of the sky into the sand ‘paralyzed’ or ‘poisoned’ from something that no one can seem to figure out.

The Seagulls lay helpless on the ground, no noise, and no fear of a Human approaching one. Typically Seagulls are the type of bird to not go near a Human unless food is nearby.

Carolyn Press-McKenzie from HUHA (Helping You Help Animals) as a rescue charity says her staff rushed to a beach north of Otaki but found only 15 birds still alive at the time, which taken to Massey University’s wildlife hospital in Palmerston North.


“Sadly, the last remaining gulls passed away last night. We are so grateful to the team at Massey for their exceptional efforts to save these beautiful birds. Post mortum results will be a few weeks away to confirm how so many have died.”

“We will keep you all posted. The mass culling of these birds and the suffering it has caused is heartbreaking and completely unacceptable,” said HUHA in a statement on their Facebook page.

Source: HUHA NZ
Source: Dave Richardson

Dave Richardson, a Beachgoer & local.

Credit, Source: /Sam Hudson

Dave wanted to interview about his thoughts on what’s happening after approaching our newsagent on the scene to express his feelings about what is happening, from a local standpoint.

“Every year there seems to be something wrong with the beach, where even if it’s a Pipi die off or dying Seagulls. I seem to find that I’m almost too scared to take shellfish with the pollution of the Manawatu and the Hokio.”

“When I was a boy being brought up here, the Hokio was always pretty bad, but these days since it’s draining from the most toxic lake in the southern hemisphere, it’s got no show & I wonder what has just happened to these Seagulls.”

“Witnessing the Seagulls here on the ground… they’re not dead yet, but they’re dying. We don’t know what it is at this stage of what is causing it, and there is no way it’s natural; it’s just not natural,” said Dave Richardson.

Source: Hokio Beach
Three Seagulls can be seen, on the left a barely surviving Seagull and on
the middle right a Seagull starting to take change and, the far right background a dead Seagull.
Credit, Source: /Sam Hudson

Post-mortems have been carried out, and the results are expected early this week.

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