Seal Tangled Up In Fish Line SAVED! | Otaki Beach

Seal Tangled Up In Fish Line SAVED! | Otaki Beach

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A Seal can be seen tangled in fishing line & hook at Otaki Beach

A post on


appeared as a Seal was urging to escape at Otaki Beach. Although the Seal wishes too escape but unfortunately got tangled & stuck in a fishing line and hook. A group of people can be seen helping the Seal by removing the hook/fishing lines & setting it free!

“That there (fishing line) was wrapped around his neck” said

Joel Speirs

Joel also goes on to say a “commercial long line hook” was stuck in the Seal’s lower Jaw.

You can hear the group of people cheering as they set it free at the end of the video, we give them a thumbs up for being great sports saving this wild sea animal! thank you.

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