Search teams locate body of person who went missing in Manawatu River, Foxton

Search teams locate body of person who went missing in Manawatu River, Foxton

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Police Divers have found a body in the Manawatu River, Foxton.

Police and search teams were deployed when reports were received at around 8:35 am indicating that a person had gone missing after a dinghy was found with its motor running with no one in on board.

The dinghy was found in a part of the river which is known as The Loop.

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Earlier, a man reported seeing the dinghy with a man on board.

Throughout the day, Police have been searching with local Coastguard members. The National Dive Squad also was in attendance at around 1:35 pm.

A helicopter from Palmerston North also participated in the search.

At around 4:15 pm, the National Dive Squad found a body, who is thought to be the man seen in the boat this morning.


An image supplied to thisquality earlier showed a Police Rescue Helicopter grounded by Foxton’s Water Tower.

Image: SUPPLIED/ W.permissions

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