Six Horse deaths on track this year: Activists to target Auckland Cup Day

Six Horse deaths on track this year: Activists to target Auckland Cup Day

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This year six horses have already been killed on New Zealand racetracks. It is time for activists to strike and put an end to it.

Many thousands of horses suffer from systemic animal abuse every year following racing, and activists are planning to target Auckland’s Cup Day in response.

People dress up every year for the racing event held at Ellerslie Racecourse, holding events for children and everyone to ‘party’ —  Aya Oba, the spokesperson for the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses (CPR) NZ says no more.


“This race day offers people a day to party, including events for children – while innocent animals are facing a high risk of injury and death. By glamorising animal cruelty, this event is desensitising people, including young children, from a terrifying truth,” said Ms Oba.

“This year, we have already recorded six horses killed, and a total of 71 injuries including 37 serious injuries (as at 9/03/2021) on New Zealand racetracks. These deaths were publically justified as being in the name of so-called entertainment.”

Around 3,000 New Zealand thoroughbred horses are ‘unaccounted’ for every year where behind the scenes related injuries are caused because they are simply just not fast enough.

While the audience enjoys bubbles and fashion the animals are bubbling from their mouths for being so tired, some die as a result.

“We are opposed to horse racing. We believe many kiwis are kind-hearted and love animals but not many are aware that there is animal cruelty in the horse racing industry. We are against animal abuse and exploitation. Who isn’t? That’s why we will be protesting to raise awareness – so people can make a conscious choice about what they want to support,” said Ms Oba.

“If you want to have ‘fun’, you don’t need to be part of animal abuse. There are other opportunities that don’t involve animal cruelty that is still fun. It is not a party for the horses. If you love horses, you should never support horse racing.”

Activists plan to attend on Saturday, March 13 from 11 am onwards at the Ellerslie Racecourse in Auckland.


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